Monday Breakout Session 9:45-10:30 A.M.

Creating a Communications Cluster: A New Idea on Generating and Disseminating Content (Part 2)

Like many colleges and universities, the Noble Foundation’s content is generated and disseminated through a standard process that relies almost exclusively on the communications office. This process provides quality products that adhere to branding standards, deliver message points and focus on target audiences. However, this process can be limited in its scope, lack the ability to be responsive and often causes a choke point in release of content due to limited personnel. In the last three months, a new model have been developed at the Noble Foundation – called a communications cluster. This model allows for trained employees to serve as developers and disseminators of content on behalf of the organization. In this session, we’ll explore the genesis of this idea, look at the potential pitfalls of assembling the cluster and outline early outcomes of this fledgling effort.

Adam Calaway
Director of Public Relations
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation