Introducing Becky Barker, Ph.D.

SUNDAY OPENING keynote 6:30 p.M. 

Where did I leave my keys?

Becky will share relatable lessons learned through life and a 30+ year career in Oklahoma higher education. You'll leave the opening session with a fresh perspective about the power of the little things along the way.

monday breakout session 10:45 a.m.

Readers and Recess

This session will share several easy access professional development resources and how simple elements of play can positively impact you and your work team.


Becky has worked at the University of Oklahoma since 1991 and currently serves as the director of Leadership and Volunteerism where their mission is to empower students to become effective leaders and engaged citizens. Becky also teaches an organizational leadership class, a higher education practicum, and Life After OU – a course for graduating seniors. One of her favorite activities is facilitating team building activities for corporate and non-profit organizations. She was recently featured as part of the Leadercast Video Series providing leadership insights and solutions from leaders around the world.

Becky received a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from Oklahoma State University in 1985, completed a master’s degree in human resources administration from East Central University in 1989 and earned a doctorate in adult and higher education administration from the University of Oklahoma in 1993.


Becky Barker
Director of Leadership and Volunteerism at the University of Oklahoma