INTRODUCING Karlyn Borysenko

SUNday EVENING Keynote 6:00-8:30 P.m.

Getting Stuff Done: Innovating in a Change Adverse Environment

They say that constraints breed innovation. And, lets be honest...most of the constraints that really push your boundaries come from the people you work with rather than a lack of budget or time. In this session, Karlyn Borysenko will walk you through how to navigate the human environment of your workplace, and effectively manage change and office politics so that you can implement new ideas, regardless of your role or title. 


Playing Politics: Breaking Down How To Navigate the Human Workplace

The breakout session expands on the opening keynote and digs deeper into navigating the human workplace with a variety of goals. We’ll review my five key principles of how you can use office politics for good to get more done at work and do some practical application of the high level ideas discussed from the keynote. This will be an interactive session so please come prepared with questions!




Karlyn Borysenko is the owner and Principal of Zen Workplace, where she helps individuals find happiness and success in their professional lives as a coach, and helps organizations create amazing cultures as a consultant and trainer. Karlyn is an MBA, PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (ABD), certified DISC Trainer, and an award-winning national speaker. She brings a proven track record of instilling human-driven employee engagement strategies in all types of organizations ranging from start-ups and rapidly growing companies to established organizations, higher education, and non-profits.