Introducing Jeremie Kubicek

TUESday closing keynote 10:00 A.M.

5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There Is Never Enough Time


Jeremie Kubicek is an outlier in the leadership world. He is fully an entrepreneur and corporate thought leader, as well as an audacious encourager to leaders around the world. He is a creative producer of a variety of leadership content and global programs, as well an acclaimed speaker and author.

Jeremie has played in a wide array of fields as his expertise ranges from business startups to private equity to content creation to entertainment and real estate development. Here is a glimpse into his world:

  • Entrepreneur – Jeremie has formed, partnered and started over 20 entities that have either been sold or continue to run.
  • CEO – Jeremie has been leading companies since 2002 as a CEO or co-CEO ranging in the consulting, training/events or services space.
  • Author – Jeremie has authored or co-authored 3 Published books:
    • Making Your Leadership Come Alive – 2011 National Bestseller
    • 5 Gears, How to Be Present and Productive – 2015
    • 5 Voices, How to Communicate with Everyone You Lead – 2016
  • Speaker – Jeremie speaks 60+ times per year globally to groups of all sizes and shapes.
    His style is effective and authentic, causing him to continually be ranked in the top percentage of all speakers.
  • Content Creator – Jeremie and his partners have created content that is used globally inside companies of all kinds. His work is known as being powerful, sticky, scalable and sustainable.
  • Developer – Jeremie and his partners are creating some of the most unique real estate development projects – is one example.
  • Executive Producer – A hobby of Jeremie’s is to bring creative projects to life by partnering with world class creatives. He is currently executive producer of several off-broadway musicals and entertainment projects.
  • Encourager – Jeremie is an audacious encourager. He is committed to serving people and fighting for their highest possible good. This is what makes him an anomaly. He is adept in business, but deeply committed to relationships that bring life to all those around him.

He has lived in Moscow, London and Atlanta and now makes him home in Oklahoma City along with his wife, Kelly, and their three college/high school children, Addison, Will and Kate.

Jeremie Kubicek
CEO of GiANT Worldwide