Introducing Clint! Runge

SUNDAY OPENING keynote 10:00 A.M. 

State of Youth Culture

Youth culture is an ever-evolving atmosphere of ideas, beliefs and attitudes. Connecting with young adults can be challenging if marketers are focused on catching up with “hot trends” instead of the understanding the core generational drivers. When you know why things become popular, brands are positioned to authentically become part of their lifestyle.

Archrival Managing Director Clint! Runge will explore the themes of youth culture and its impact on brands. He’ll uncover the Gen Z decision-making process on a range of topics from education to shopping to entertainment to technology. Of particular interest will be the digital insights, helping to understand the reasons behind the shifts in information access.

He’ll use lots of examples to ensure attendees walk away feeling armed with actionable information that sets the foundation for bold conversations.

monday breakout session 10:45 a.m.

State of Youth Culture Workshop

In this breakout session Clint! will continue the conversation from his Sunday keynote address. Participants will explore the themes of youth culture more in depth in this hands-on workshop.


Clint! Runge is cofounder and Managing Director of Archrival, a fun-loving creative agency that makes brands relevant with youth culture. Clint! and team light the fires for clients such as Red Bull, Adidas, Teva and a starting squad of athletes and entertainers. A pop-culture connoisseur, his work blends youth trends with playful, surprising experiences that get the buzz buzzing.

While he’s the kind of guy who likes Diet Mountain Dew and card tricks, his saving grace is that he does great creative. He’s won as many awards as he’s had all-nighters. Most frightening of all, Runge teaches at the University of Nebraska.

Managing Director of Archrival