MONDAY morning BREAKOUT Session - 10:45-11:30 A.m.

What You Need To Tell Effective Stories

Whether it’s bringing awareness to the services or opportunities you provide, or showing the difference you’ve made in the lives of others, using the power of story is the most effective way to connect with your audience. We’ve developed a way to help capture and tell effective stories and we want to share that process with you. We’ll focus on the basic equipment tools you may need, how we approach storytelling, and how you can begin to use stories to connect with your audience.


Dustin Stokes is the Director of Video Production for Scissortail Media. Beginning at the age of 5, he learned to tell stories using an old film camera on the farm. Since then, he’s moved from telling stories of cows to the stories of poverty in South Africa, students with the grit to achieve their dreams, and the hope of healing through medical technology breakthroughs. He is passionate about helping others share their powerful stories. 




Dustin Stokes
Director of Video Production
Scissortail Media