Introducing Erin Yarbrough

Monday Breakout Session 1:15-2:00 p.m.

Creating High Conversion Rates Through Facebook Ads

Are you trying to promote an event, increase applications, or advertise scholarship opportunities? Using Facebook (and Instagram) ads allows you to target specific audiences and track conversions. If you’re using Facebook to boost posts or run ads, I will share the world of Facebook Ad Manager with you to see how much more Facebook ads can deliver than you might even realize. 

Erin Yarbrough started her career in Texas at an advertising agency as an account executive and then went through baptism by fire as brand manager at a startup ecommerce company. Eventually she made her way back over the Red River in 2007 to join forces with her alma mater as project manager for Web Communications. Erin is now the Associate Vice President for Web Communications, Marketing and New Media. She likes Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, loves making Power Point slides, and has a slight obsession with abandoned buildings.  

Erin received a Bachelor of Art in Journalism (Advertising) from OU.

Diana Hartley   Executive Director of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition   and Adjunct Professor at OU

Erin Yarbrough
Associate Vice President for Web  Communications, Marketing
& New Media

The University of Oklahoma