Introducing Mona Earnest

Monday AFTERNOON BREAKOUT 1:15-2:00 p.m.

Diversity & Inclusion: Unconscious Bias & Blind Spots

Like it or not, we all bring unconscious bias into our organizations. Blind spots exist in our physical make-up, and are embedded deeply in our attitudes, subconsciously influencing our decisions to hire, fire, what to wear, where we live and  even the friends we choose. This session will share ways to uncover unconscious bias through tools, understanding our motivators, and through catalyst leaders who ask, "Where is the bias and how do we uncover it positively in our own organization?"


Diversity & Inclusion: A Seat at the Table

For the first time, the workplace has equal numbers of women and men. Meanwhile, the millennial population is bringing increased racial diversity to business and industry. Mona explores what management and employees need to know about diversity and current related trends in business. Race, gender, age and generational differences will be addressed, as well as resulting assumptions and stereotypes.  Insight will be provided around Equal Employment Opportunities Commission regulations and other hot buttons. 


Mona served as a diversity officer for Campbell’s Soup and has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of inclusiveness and diversity training. She has trained employees in Fortune 500 companies, state government, non-profit agencies and public schools in the topics of cultural diversity and cultural intelligence. She teaches cultural diversity for two universities and has a blog where she addresses diversity, culture, management and other related topics. Mona has lived in six countries and speaks three languages fluently. She published her first book about living in the East and West last year. Mona holds a master’s degree in human resources organization development from University of San Francisco. She is a visiting professor for DeVry University and has assisted organizations in developing policies and programs to attract, retain and promote a diverse work force.

Kayla Acebo, Ph.D.,   is Vice President for Institutional Advancement at The University of Tulsa. She is a 24-year veteran in the field of institutional advancement in both the public and the private sectors of higher education.         

Mona Earnest
MHROD - VP Human Resources